Our History

Our History

Since 1980, we’ve had only one mission:  To develop and operate communities  to their highest potential.

Newport Pacific
is a recognized leader in mobile home park and RV resort management.  Our team of certified professionals uses their extensive experience to integrate the desires of our clients with the changing demands of their property. We constantly reassess the way we do business in order to meet the needs of property owners, and to retain our reputation as the “Best of the Best”.  Ongoing training and development of our team ensures that we stay up to date on all of the issues effecting mobile home park management.

We use our expertise and dedication to achieve the goals of our clients by developing a strategic business plan and marketing program designed to obtain the greatest cash flow from each property.  Our financial and accounting systems provide timely analysis that is essential when evaluating prospective investment properties, determining budgeting and capital expenditures, and investigating opportunities for sale or refinancing.

Modular Lifestyles, an affiliate of Newport Pacific, was founded in 1988 and operates as a full service manufactured home dealership and building firm.  Modular leads the industry in the use of  “Green” energy efficient technologies, and target marketing and site planning are our specialties.  We have the know-how to fill newly built mobile home parks as well as upgrade older parks – enhancing property values for owner and home buyer alike.  Satisfying the increasing need for quality affordable housing is of utmost importance to Modular Lifestyles.  Visit us at www.ModularLifestyles.com.contentpage1

Formed in 1986 to handle the needs of sister companies Newport Pacific and Modular Lifestyles, Cirus Development provides all essential consulting and development services from ground breaking to final occupancy. Skilled administration of service, construction and purchasing agreements are essential components of successful development operations. Our goal is to ensure that you receive quality workmanship, reduced liability and cost effect services.  Visit us at www.CirusDevelopment.com.